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Alpha Epsilon Pi
University of South Carolina


Over the past year, the Gamma Chi chapter at the University of South Carolina has made remarkable progress and improvement. Our chapter is well-deserving of this high and honorable award due to our exponential growth, both in numbers and strength, we continue to make each and every year.  With twenty-one signed bids from Fall 2012 and four from Spring 2013, our chapter felt very confident we had reached out to all thirty-five prospective jewish members from the incoming freshman class. The progression of our chapter through the amount of new members acquired from this past school year should not be taken lightly. Three years ago, our fraternity stood at just nineteen members and after a few extremely successful years of recruiting, we are now up to an astonishing forty-seven active members. There truly are no words to describe how much our dedication, passion, and friendship has meant to the founding fathers who have watched our fraternity grow over these recent years. Our founding fathers and every brother following their footsteps in the Gamma Chi chapter here at South Carolina have not always been in agreement with each other, but we have become stronger through the knowledge of how to respect one another, take care of one another, and support each other in this family we have created.

Despite being a recently founded chapter, we hosted what turned out to be the largest and most successful Southern Conclave so far on record. Hosting a conclave was an achievement that solidified the continued progression of the Gamma Chi chapter. Gamma Chi at the University of South Carolina was founded in 2007, and our chapter has proven from the outstanding success of Southern Conclave that we are accomplishing triumph that has benefited The University of South Carolina, and the greater Columbia area as a whole. Our conclave gave brothers that attended the opportunity to meet more members of our great fraternity than ever before, and seeing the large impact from other chapter’s that have motivated us here at Gamma Chi to continue to want to grow and succeed. Having a larger chapter has helped us to become more involved and make connections with the local jewish community as well. We know we have had a great deal of recent success, but the emphasis is on a constant improvement of every aspect of the fraternity because the key to our progression is our motivation. Our goal for the upcoming year is to obtain thirty signed bids, and this feat is more than possible with the passion and dedication our brothers have demonstrated for the chapter to have continued success.