Alpha Epsilon Pi | Gamma Chi
Alpha Epsilon Pi
University of South Carolina

Perspective Members


AEPi has a lot to offer each of its members. The first and foremost reason to join is the exceptional brotherhood that will become a cornerstone of your life. In AEPi you will make loyal friends with whom you will share your college experience and form memories that will last a lifetime. We are a diverse group of men, yet we are all drawn together by similar experiences and values, such as honor, loyalty, and integrity. These similarities along with the multitude of college experiences that we will share together, such as parties, philanthropies, athletics, etc, allow us to form lifelong bonds that we call Brotherhood. An aspect that makes AEPi unique is the Jewish brotherhood. Here at USC, AEPi prides itself in being the only Jewish Fraternity on campus.

Campus Involvement  

Brothers are always helping other brothers get involved in the various groups or organizations on campus that they want.  Ranging from Club sports to Student Government, upperclassmen are always able and willing to help the next generation get involved with on campus activities.


In Alpha Epsilon Pi, we take our education VERY seriously. We are currently and consistently ranked with the top GPA among all Greek organizations on campus. By joining this fraternity, you have the advantage of knowing someone in relatively every major. As friends and brothers, these people are happy to both help you study and give you advice on how to achieve your academic goals. At no time will anyone be asked to sacrifice their grades for any chapter event, as your education is the #1 priority. Many of our brothers continue onto graduate, business, law and medical schools.


A primary goal of Alpha Epsilon Pi is to turn our young men into leaders. The fraternity is a structured organization with many positions that require responsibility and leadership. Each brother that joins AEPi has been chosen with the hopes that they may contribute to the dominance and growth of the organization. They will find many opportunities to become leaders, take on responsibility, and socialize with members of other Greek organizations. There are also many leadership opportunities beyond AEPi that our brothers take full advantage of, including the executive boards of the Interfraternity Council, Student Association, and more.


Joining a fraternity is a great advantage for your future. You will meet a diverse group of friends who are interested in the same career fields as you are. Older members can help you choose which classes to take, offer advice on graduate schools and admissions tests, and help you in the grad school application process. Also, there are many AEPi alumni who already have successful careers in a wide variety of fields. These alumni enjoy helping out fellow brothers and a break like this could make a huge difference in your future.


Alpha Epsilon Pi is a social organization. We provide a healthy outlet in which students can enjoy college while still achieving excellence academically. We have various events scheduled ranging from mixers, barbeques, dinners, date functions, formals, brotherhood events, and some other social events.